Granite Kitchen Countertops are #1 in Toronto

Granite Kitchen Countertops are #1 in Toronto Toronto homeowners are lucky: some of the finest stone suppliers in the country serve the GTA and surrounding cities. Since the 1980s, sales of granite countertops and other granite interior design elements have grown steadily. Granite was once only accessible to the very ... read more

Kitchen Countertop Options – From Natural Stones to Engineered Surfaces

Kitchen Countertop Options In the 1960s, kitchen countertops were invariably made of plastic laminate; the new colourful and durable surface. In the 1970s, savvy homeowners installed Corian®, or other acrylic polymer countertops, which were strong and heat resistant. Kitchens of the 1980s began to feature beautiful natural granite countertops. All ... read more

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops and Which Is Best for You?

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops It's difficult to remember, now that most homeowners are choosing stone countertops, but at one time the first choice for kitchen and bathroom counters was plastic laminate. Later, consumers started showing a preference for durable Corian countertops. But times change, and now demand for stone countertops ... read more

Granite Remnant Countertops are an Affordable Solution

Granite Remnant Countertops Many people love the beauty and durability of granite kitchen and bathroom countertops, but are renovating on a budget. If you are looking for a way to install natural stone in your home or condo without breaking the budget, granite remnant countertops may be the solution you're ... read more

Kitchen Countertop Ideas and The Choices Available to You

Kitchen Countertop Ideas Today's homeowner has many options when it comes to kitchen countertop ideas. Gone are the days when the only choice was plastic laminate! More efficient mining and processing techniques have made natural stone an affordable choice. Metal countertops are gaining in popularity. New types of engineered countertop ... read more

Granite Kitchen Countertops for Peterborough Homes

Granite Kitchen Countertops for Peterborough Homes Peterborough has always been a centre for arts, crafts, and design. It's not surprising that, when choosing design elements for their homes, Peterborough residents often opt for granite kitchen countertops. Granite is not only durable and easy to care for; it's also a beautiful ... read more

Granite Kitchen Countertops for Ottawa Homes

Granite Kitchen Countertops For Ottawa Homes Ottawa homeowners consistently choose granite as the #1 favourite material for kitchen countertops, and it's easy to see why. Granite is: Durable and strong Affordable Easy to care for Heat resistant, stain resistant, and scratch resistant Natural Sanitary With all of these advantages it's ... read more

For the Best Kitchen Countertops Should You Choose Marble or Granite?

Choosing the Best Stone – Marble or Granite? What stone makes the best kitchen countertop? Opinions are as diverse as the materials themselves. The major contenders, which include granite and marble, all "bring something to the table”. Ultimately, it's a question of taste and budget. Homeowners planning a new kitchen ... read more

Kitchen Countertops: Colours For Life

Kitchen Countertops: Colours for Life Shopping for a kitchen countertop can be a creative undertaking. Some homeowners have a particular kind of countertop in mind. Perhaps only a stainless steel countertop will do for your ultra-modern kitchen. You may be looking for a classic black-and-white marble countertop for your French ... read more

Granite Kitchen Countertops in Mississauga

Granite Kitchen Countertops in Mississauga Granite first came to prominence as a kitchen countertop material in the 1980s. Prior to that, granite and marble were available only to the very wealthy. The development of new technologies cut down the amount of time needed to extract stone from quarries and to ... read more

The Best Kitchen Countertops in Toronto are Stone!

Countertops – The Case for Stone There's no question that stone makes the best kitchen countertops in Toronto. Whether it's granite, quartz, or marble, stone conveys a style and elegance that no other material can match. Stone has a strongly positive effect on the value of your home. You are ... read more

Bathroom Countertops in Toronto are a Choice Between Quartz and Granite

Quartz and Granite – Two Choices for your Countertops The hardest part about installing bathroom countertops in Toronto is the wealth of stone available to consumers. Between granite and quartz, the range of colours and patterns are endless – making the final choice difficult. There are, however, important qualitative differences ... read more

Best Kitchen Countertops in North York Use Marble

With So Much Choice – How to Choose? If you like an abundance of choice, buying stone is a consumer's paradise. The best kitchen countertops in North York can use marble, granite, or quartz. There's even an exciting new synthetic material, ECO by Cosentino ® that combines all the best ... read more

Save on Marble Countertops in your Kitchen

Marble countertops are an excellent addition to any kitchen to improve style and functionality. While this stone has been utilized for thousands of years in civilizations all over the world, it has only been in recent decades that the average consumer could save on marble countertops to a degree which ... read more

Marble Countertops in Toronto for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Marble Countertops in Toronto The popularity of premium countertop materials such as marble is on the rise in Toronto. More people are choosing to create kitchens or bathrooms that are both beautiful and functional. Traditional materials such as laminate are falling out of favor because they simply cannot compete with ... read more

Reputable Granite Fabrication in Toronto Improves Homes

Reputable Granite Fabrication in Toronto for Your Kitchen and Bathroom When the time comes to refurbish your kitchen and bathroom, you will be looking for a product for your counters that lasts a lifetime. You may think that man-made countertops can save you money, but you would be wrong. If ... read more

Cleaning Granite Countertops is Surprisingly Easy!

Granite is a Renovator's Dream The names alone are enough to fill you with desire and forget about anything as mundane as cleaning your granite countertop. Blue Galaxy. Café Imperial. Tropical Brown. Blue Baha. Or there's Madagascar with its dark shades tinged with a mysterious green. Stormy Night – whirlwinds ... read more

Quartz Kitchen Countertops and Your Porous vs. Non-Porous Options

The Best Kitchen Countertops Quartz kitchen countertops? Marble? granite or Corian? If you've been renovating or building a new home you've probably started to consider which kitchen countertops give your home that perfect look. And the kitchen countertop ideas are endless. Granite and marble are natural stone and are often ... read more